Welcome to Golf At The Highest Level!

“Building Values, Changing Lives – With Golf” is our central theme.

Reaching younger, older, any color, any creed – to grow life skills deeply rooted in golf.


Communities all over, big & small – working together as a “Village”

Growing life skills, building values, changing lives – forever – from golf.

Life Skills

Golf opens amazing avenues, trusted relationships, and the opportunity to build values and skills -the “You” skills going forward every day – transferrable into real-life requirements far beyond golf.  Golf is a core way to be the best YOU can be in life. Younger or older – growing each day to be a better YOU – is real-life and achievable through golf.

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  • Truth sets you free
  • Candid, simple, truthful
  • Do right & say as you believe
  • Dishonesty is cancer of the soul


  • Doing the right thing
  • Intellectual honesty – facts
  • Hold to core values
  • Can’t be compromised


  • Honor others
  • Relationships – built on trust
  • Helping others
  • Appreciating diversity


  • Your plan, yours to do
  • Your problem – not others
  • Set goals, steps & milestones
  • Appreciating adversity


  • Understand truth
  • Critical analysis & probabilities
  • Risk management – be smart
  • Street smarts & others motivations


  • Humility
  • Gratitude & thankfulness
  • Allow others first
  • Be first to help others


  • Never giving up
  • Grinding it out – your path
  • Working harder & harder
  • Knowing you can & will


  • Applauding others publicly
  • Mentoring – helping others
  • Giving credit to others
  • Appreciation & warmth


  • Managing emotions
  • Knowing your “numbers”
  • Believing in you
  • Tested – you can

Our Programs

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All Programs

Family & Kids Logistics Support

Family and “The Village” assistance is expensive and time-consuming – providing logistics, transportation, events participation costs for exposure to golf. Family circles need economic support.

Scholarships & Grants

Education, teaching, and learning are core to building values and changing lives. Grants to create & run sustainable programmatic opportunities, and scholarships to fuel the economic requirements tied to learning.

Community Golf Camps & Teaching Academies

Local communities and The Villages are at the center of gravity of building values and changing lives – with golf.  Camps, academies, schools, churches, local businesses, clubs, and institutions can serve as the learning centers toward building values and changing lives with golf.  PGA, USGA, local professionals, ambassadors, and local communities working together to achieve the Mission.

Partnership Opportunities

Building Values. Changing Lives” requires “Villages” of partnership sponsors – contributing to active golf involvement programs, memorable events, teaching, mentoring, learning, doing, growing life skills.

Golf at the Highest Level Foundation (GATHL) is a 501(c)-3 public charity organization. As such, our mission impacts younger, older, any color, any creed, in Communities all over.  “Building Values. Changing Lives – with golf” is our Mission.

GATHL works with global corporations, for-profits, not-for-profits, nationally-recognized programmatic partners, large and small mission-driven institutions, local communities, golf professionals and clubs, training & education centers, and ambassador volunteers.

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