Life Skills

Building Values, Changing Lives – With Golf
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Golf opens amazing avenues, trusted relationships, and the opportunity to build values and skills -the “You” skills going forward every day – transferrable into real-life requirements far beyond golf.  Golf is a core way to be the best YOU can be in life. Younger or older – growing each day to be a better YOU – is real-life and achievable through golf.

The graphic below outlines the Life Skills as defined by the First Tee and the PGA and published worldwide.  Look at the basic 9 Life Skills acquired and emphasized – with golf.

GATHL digs down into expanding the next level of “Life Skills” derived with golf – based upon the 9 Life Skills defined by the First Tee and PGA. Going deeper into understandings of what these mean in real life are shown below. These “next ring” meanings are deeper views into some deeper values & skills.  See and read on…

Players Stories reflect many of the deep-rooted values & life skills acquired with golf.

See Players Stories AND Family Circles credits telling about some specific values & life skills acquired by players documented in stories.  See Players Stories & Family Circles tabs.

Look – Read – Understand – Amazing What Golf Can Do.